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Building a website using Wordpress

This site is taking shape but a lot of things wont be working quite right. I’m installing plugins for flickr, last.fm, etc and just getting them to work correctly before I style them or make the code that comes with them semantic.

I’ve just installed a last.fm plugin that displays my most popular albums. The image sizes seem a bit big and dont seem to respond to my tweaking. I think I need to spend more time on this, probably a bit more than the time it took me to eat a ham sandwich and a packet of pretzels.

My brain should be able to cope with it later on after work seen as I’m drinking Sprite 3g this afternoon.

btw. Gillian rang to tell me that my new digital camera has arrived this morning. So I’ll be fiddling with that tonight.

The “All New” David Bloomfield Blog

Just like the “All new” Yogi Bear or “All new” Scooby Doo Show the world now has the “All new” David Bloomfield Blog.

Not sure how long I’ll keep this up but hopefully I be adding some useful links, opinions and stuff to the internet that people may just want to read. I’m a web designer and music whore so expect some content along those lines.

Oh ye, tomorrow I receive my shiney new digital camera a Casio Ex-Z750 which I picked up at the bargin price of £160 plus VAT from ebuyer. I paid a bit extra to get it delivered tomorrow so I think I’ll do some sort of review/write up about it. Nothing flash just my quick opinion on the camera.

I have also bought myself an upgraded Flickr account ie. a “pro” account, so I’ll be able to upload loads more photos and organise them into some sort of order.

As with all the other times I have started a blog I don’t expect it to be updated to often but maybe, just maybe, I might this time.