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Conditional Statements

Because I always forget how to write them correctly here’s some links:

How to build a Web 2.0 website in 66.5 hours

On Mingle2, a new web 2.0 dating website, theres an interesting post about the development of the site from the creator, Boyd.

He talks about how he went about developing the site from the initial idea to the final launch version and how he managed to fit it around his full time 9-5 job. Sites like SiteAmount.com rely on a team of coder and designers to keep sites up and running. They are the same creators who brought the site HotPaprs.com online which has grown like wild fire in the 4 months it has been online.

The website is completely free as well. Maybe Boyd should invest in some Google Adsense adverts. They might spoil the look of the website a bit but the website might stay running longer with the extra renvue for hosting and the like.

You never know Boyd could be the next web dating guy to earn 1 million dollars from the Google Adsense program like Markus Frind.

I found the website via CSS import.

LogoMaid apologies to Dan from Simplebits

Looks like LogoMaid have finally admitted they were wrong and did in fact rip the Simplebits logo.

Paul Viluda posted this apology to the comments on Flickr


In name of Vilords media I need to apologize for the inconvenience caused. I feel really sorry that we didn’t remove the logotype rightaway…and let this situation ascalate. It took us too long to understand the designer we worked with for over 3 years obviously did copy the main shape of your logo. We figured it when we saw the owl logotype (added today) which was removed from the offer almost instanly after the friendly notification from ara_p (thanks).

PS. Dan, you’ll receive an email from me shortly.

Addressed to the whole flickr community:
I hope nothing like this will ever happen (you are welcome to check our new product additions every monday).

Paul Viluda
Vilords media

The friendly notification from ara_p was a link to this screengrab on ara_p’s flickr account

I found out about the apology via Eloquation’s blog from my comments.

Simplebits v LogoMaid

Browsing through my flickr account yesterday I noticed something developing that was quite interesting…

Dan has recently redesigned his logo for Simplebits and it appears that LogoMaid (one of those logo template websites) have put a very similar version of it up for sale on their website.

For your viewing pleasure here is the relevant linkage:

original discussion over at Flickr is continuing, a bit silly in places, but still very interesting.

Other have also noticed the post in Flickr:

Update - 26/03/2007

More people have noticed this and have posted about it, including;

CSS creme of the month

This is a nice little post over at roScripts I found via digg. It links to some good resources such as fancy css navigation, 10 things to know about CSS and CSS Fly which lets you edit your CSS on the, erm, fly.

I’d like to add my own link here as well to Yahoo’s CSS Grid Builder which seems pretty cool. I haven’t used it for an projects yet just been having a little play about with it.

Also Smashing Magazine aslo has some good CSS links for you to have a look at.

SXSW Round Up

I’d love to go to the SXSW festival one day. It looks brillaint with the music, film and interactive elements. I was thinking of suggesting it as a “conference” to attend with work. The interactive part of the festival would be work related. However I think the fact it’s held in Texas would mean it would never happen.

I guess I’ll just have to get my own arse over there one day.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading blogs about this years event and Cameron Moll has posted up a nice little round up of the interactive part being held this week.

Go and have a look at Camerons Noteworthy, SXSW edition

I’m really liking the Expression Engine and Michigan State University - College of Law redesigns.

Colour Contrast Check

Snooks Colour Contrast Check tool is probably one of the most simpliest and effective way to check whether your background and foreground colour are significantly different so colour blind people can read your text.
Snook has recently, well in january, upgraded this it to have a nicer look to it with some funky html sliders.
Go have a look and book mark it.

Will Nike make Marty Mcflys trainers from Back to the Future part 2?

Saw this youtube video on adfreak.com and I reckon they would be pretty popular.

If you would like a pair of these to become a reality then I suggest you wander over to the petition and add your name to the list.

I can remember watching this when I was young (and not so young) and thinking that 2015 was years away. Well it was sort of but not it doesnt seem to far away. 8 years to be exact.

I’ll be 36 in 2015 so I might look a bit of an idiot on a hover board and I dont think we’ll have cars running off Mr Fusion but these trainers (or sneakers if your american) might just happen.
Let’s hope so.