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Found via Simon Dicksons blog

The BBC have redesigned their homepage and now have an advert on the current homepage asking you to try out the beta version.

It’s a AJAX, web 2.0, netvibes, google homepage fest.

I really like parts of it but I’m not completely sold on it yet.

Things I like about the new BBC homepage

  • I like how the colour scheme changes to match the large image in the main feature area.
  • The analogue clock is also nice and reminds me of the old BBC clock from my childhood.
  • It’s good to see the localisation is a feature on the homepage. I have the BBC news website set up to give me local news and use it everyday.
  • I like that they have gone for a 1024 browser width. Hopefully that will help lead the way to more websites leaving 800 by 600 behind. The site I work on still has around 10% viewing it in 800 by 600 so I’m not sure we’ll be leaving it just yet. Although we’ll have to sooner or later. The BBC should add more weight to the making the move.
  • The simple design

Thing I dont like about the new BBC homepage

  • I’m still not convinced by homepages that you can move sections around. Yes it gives users control over the layout giving them the power to place items that interest them most in more prominent areas of the page. However, if the website wants to promote sections of the website that the user may not have explored before I think it puts the content developers at a disadvantage.
  • The look is just a bit too web 2.0. I dont think it will age well.

New BBC iplayer

Theres also a new beta of the BBC iplayer which works on my macbook, yay. I briefly tried the BBC iplayer a few months ago on my PC. I never really used it because watching TV on my PC in the cold spare room isnt really as nice as sitting on my sofa in front of the big TV. Hopefully, I’ll get more use from this version. I’m quite looking forward to having a proper play with it.

If you want to read an indepth blog about the redesign have a look at “A lick of paint for the BBC homepage” by the Acting Head of User Experience, Richard Titus.

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#1 John Macpherson on 03.05.08 at 9:40 am

As everyone will now know the BBC have put the website from Beta into live stage and can now be viewed at

I really like it its certainly a huge step forward from the old design.

The BBC must have looked closely at the user base and decided there are now enough visitors at 1024 and above, which is a brave move.

There are a few things i think it could be improved.

1.) Login System so the customization can be stored
2.) The banner in the top right ios too big and obtrusive
3.) Get the rest of the website up to scratch.

Iv written a more in depth article at the above link.

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