Top 5 flickr photo feeds

These are the top 5 flickr photo feeds, well the ones I follow anyway.

Dave Gorman

Wiki says,

He is an author, documentary comedian and humourist. He performs comedy shows on stage in which he tells stories of extreme adventures and presents the evidence to the audience in order to prove to them that, unlike in most other stage presentations, they are true stories. He is a former stand-up comedian.

I first heard of Dave Gorman when his TV programme Are you Dave Gorman? was shown on TV. More recently More4 aired his Dave Gorman In America Unchained film as part of their True Stories series.

His films are really funny and revealing. Dave Gorman In America Unchained shows a side to American people that dispelled a lot of myths/stereotypes. I mean can you imagine running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere in the UK, then phoning a garage to come to your rescue with a some petrol and only be charged for the petrol? Or a petrol station owner coming from home on a bank holiday to open up just so you can buy some petrol?

I really like Dave Gorman’s photos they make the ordinary look extra ordinary. A lot of them seem to be in and around london, I think that would be because he lives there. However, there are alot from his travels such as New York and other parts of America.

I particular like his graffiti and sets.

Visit his website as well at


This blokey works for Vimeo and posts his drawing, sketches, ideas and screenshots of his work for them. He also has some nice sets of interesting website interfaces and is useful resources when you’re designing and building new websites.

Factory Joe

Factory Joe is kind of like Soxiam, more screenshots of websites and interfaces. He also has built up sets of user flows, design patterns and interfaces, which is also useful.

Flickr integration


Rebekka takes stunning shots of Iceland. Have a look through her photos they are just amazing and beautiful. Iceland looks like another planet sometimes and Rebekka manages to capture it perfectly.

She has had a few problems with people stealing her images and selling them on as their own so her photo sizes are now limited. (Hope you dont mind me taking the screenshot below.)

A few links to her

© Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir


If you’re a fan of HDR photos take a look at this blokeys work. It’s brilliant. It looks very dark at times as well.

I especially like the “Being Nick Watts” set.
Sunday Breakfast
This reminds me of the Midlake album cover.

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