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Radiohead’s scotch mist

Radiohead performed the whole of In Rainbows on the internet and on Current TV last night, new years eve.

I missed it when it went out but I found the video on the Current TV website.

Go watch Radiohead’s scotch mist now.

I preordered In Rainbows when Radiohead launched the album back in October and yes I did pay for it. I might actually buy the CD which is now out in the shops.

The version I really would like to get my hands on is the CD box set which has a booklet, vinyl and an extra CD on more new songs.

SXSW Round Up

I’d love to go to the SXSW festival one day. It looks brillaint with the music, film and interactive elements. I was thinking of suggesting it as a “conference” to attend with work. The interactive part of the festival would be work related. However I think the fact it’s held in Texas would mean it would never happen.

I guess I’ll just have to get my own arse over there one day.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading blogs about this years event and Cameron Moll has posted up a nice little round up of the interactive part being held this week.

Go and have a look at Camerons Noteworthy, SXSW edition

I’m really liking the Expression Engine and Michigan State University - College of Law redesigns.