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Is Apple Time Capsule the perfect NAS solution?

I’ve been thinking about getting a NAS drive for a while now.

I have a PC upstairs and a Macbook downstairs. What I really want to be able to do is have my music stored in one central place so both computers can access it.

Also I want my Xbox 360 to connect to it so I can play films through the TV.

Apple are about to release their Time Capsule. It has stunning looks, like most apple products, and should sit quite nicely in the living room. I dont want a NAS drive that looks ugly and the time capsule is anything but.

Engadget have had a look at it, as have Gizmodo.

Engadget also have a nice Apple Time Capsule gallery of photos.

The Apple site have details on the Time Capsule and I’ve also been looking through the PDF manual for the Time Capsule.

It looks pretty perfect for want I need a NAS for. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether you can download torrents through it without having to use a computer. If it does that I think I’ll be whacking one on my credit card pretty soon.

Other solutions I’ve been are the D-Link 323 and the Freecom.

Does anyone know which I should get?

Jon Hicks launches a custom skin for Google Reader

Found via a Flickr post it looks like Jon Hicks has launched a skin for Google Reader.

I’ve used his bloglines skin before but since Bloglines has been playing up for me, (maybe the new internet filters at work have something to do with it), I’ve been using Google Reader.

Go get it for yourself - Download the gskin css file

Installation - Taken from http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/os-x-skin-for-bloglines which I’m guessing can be applied much the same to the Google Reader skin

To use in Camino or Firefox, copy the contents of the mozilla version into your userContent.css file. Alternatively, place it in the same chrome directory and add an import link to it from userContent.css at the very top, like so:

@import url(bloglines-moz.css); 

Or, if you’re using the Stylish extension for Firefox, just copy and paste the rules into a new rule window.

To use in Safari (with SafariStand installed), place the css file in your /Library/Safari/Stand/UserStyleSheets folder. Then when you next visit bloglines, choose ‘site alteration’ from the Stand preferences, click add to add a rule for bloglines, and then select the css file from the ‘Alter UserStyleSheet location’. Make sure you tick the box next to alter as well.

To use in Omniweb 5.5, place the file wherever you like, and select if from the site preferences when you visit Bloglines. Nice and easy!

As for Opera, I’m not sure if it can load CSS per site. Can any Opera users enlighten me on this?

I think the most simple way to implement this has to the Stylish extension for Firefox.


Jon has an official post about this on his blog

SXSW Round Up

I’d love to go to the SXSW festival one day. It looks brillaint with the music, film and interactive elements. I was thinking of suggesting it as a “conference” to attend with work. The interactive part of the festival would be work related. However I think the fact it’s held in Texas would mean it would never happen.

I guess I’ll just have to get my own arse over there one day.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading blogs about this years event and Cameron Moll has posted up a nice little round up of the interactive part being held this week.

Go and have a look at Camerons Noteworthy, SXSW edition

I’m really liking the Expression Engine and Michigan State University - College of Law redesigns.

A worthy bookmark for CSS beginners

I’d like to say that I get millions of emails asking me how I got into web design but alas I can’t, but I know of a man that can.

The bloglike genius that is Cameron Moll has posted a fantastic blog entry on how he got started and links to loads of good resources, many of which I read or have read in the past.

Go on have a look at Beginner’s guide from a seasoned CSS designer

Fast OS switching on a MacBook

You Tube Vid

I saw this on Jon Hick’s flickr account. Very impressive and makes me want to get a mac even more. Who needs a pc anyway? It uses parallels to switch between the OS and is only $39 which is pretty good value in my opinion.

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